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   The answer to this dilemma is not as simple as one might think. In order to make the correct choice the buyer must be sure he knows what he wants and also be educated on the subject matter. Both have their advantages, but the question is which is right for you.

   More often than not, people will opt for carpet since in their eyes it is cheaper while easier to care for. This is not always the case. Carpet wears out faster than hardwood flooring and is also harder to clean especially when dealing with those tough wet stains. In addition to this it stores dust particles and allergens which have been floating through the air so it is not recommended for people with allergies. However some prefer the comfort and softness that it offers especially in the first few months.

   Hardwood on the other hand might seem a bit pricier but there is a reason for this. Nothing says luxury and prestige like newly laid wood flooring. The feeling you get when you walk in the room is that of comfort and ease. There is something about the appeal of natural polished wood that goes back centuries. In addition to this the possibilities for customization are endless; with each wood standing out from the others. Good looks usually come with some sort of catch but this is not the case here. Not only is hardwood flooring easier to clean than carper but it also lasts longer. Many carpets and rugs require powerful vacuums and cleaning detergents to get the job done. Parquet on the other hand is very simple and straightforward to clean much like any other flat surface. It is also easier to inspect for areas where dust may be prevalent thus reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Some people may be skeptical about the long lasting aspect of hardwood flooring but if the correct measures are taken to care for it then it can last for decades. This means that it is an investment which pays off if properly cared for. Even if the flooring is damaged in some way it can easily be refurbished to look like new.

   In the end the choice is yours and depends on your tastes and preferences. But when all is said and done the professions will recommend hardwood flooring nine times of ten, due to all of the advantages it brings.

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