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How it all started

   More than 60 years ago Nikola Stoykov laid the foundations to an old family tradition in the field of construction services. Numerous years in the industry have helped him master to perfection all the details related to the installation and usage of various types of flooring. He has repeatedly receives awards for the quality of his work, and in 1966 even won first place in the Eastern Bulgaria flooring challenge between many different masters of the craft.

First place the best flooring installer

And ... how it continued

   Later his two sons, Atanas Stoykov and Yordan Stoykov, acquired the skills and knowledge of their father and continued the family tradition. During their 30+ years of experience, they developed and refined this knowledge and became leaders in the field. They are have also worked in many different countries such as Austria, Germany, Spain and then the United States, developing their skills even further as well as. The company employs highly skilled craftsmen, some with over 15 years of experience in the flooring industry.

Why you should choose us

   That is a good question but one with a very easy answer. Simply because we are the best ;) We have vast experience in the area, we are always honest and fair and never compromise the quality of our work.
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   Contact us and get professional help and advice on all matters regarding the selection and maintenance of all types of flooring. If you would like we can schedule a visit as well as well as a free consultation where we will discuss the work that needs to be done and figure out what the best price is.

Award for high quality installation of flooring